Scope of Services Provided

Since in our book, customers’ needs and aspiration always come first. We like to be as flexible as possible in providing our services. Moreover, since good management should stretch above and beyond the call of duty, we can provide you with comprehensive service that covers every eventuality.


Owners’ interests and safety are our principal concern. Our experienced security guards are on hand day and night to patrol, safeguard and ensure the property can operate smoothly. Sophisticated security control systems are installed to assist in proper management and tighten security control. Our security guards are wearing full uniform and equipped with walkie-talkies to ensure effective communication and prompt attention and/or prevention of possible hazard events. 

They are readily available to assist the residents in every way. Professional personnel maintain round-the-clock security with sophisticated surveillance.


Being headed by our qualified engineers, our experienced and efficient maintenance team ensures all common parts of the property are kept spick-and-span. They also arrange for regular maintenance of the general amenities of the property. From fitting and installation right down to public facilities such as drainage, pipes, electrical systems, air conditioning installations, fire service installations and so on. For urgent requirements, please call your corresponding building’s hotline for emergency breakdown service.


If necessary, aged building deserves proper maintenance and renovation to restore the building to its original state. So we regularly perform periodic check on the state of the building and, if required, initiate such renovation works like repainting of external walls, replacing defective piping and cables, etc. to ensure that the residents have a nice and safe environment to live in. Besides, we always keep a keen eye on the properties we manage.

Thus should it become necessary, we can suggest improvement measure that will upgrade both the standard and the value of your buildings.


One of the key elements of ideal living environment is cleanliness, so we emphasize the high quality sanitation service. The service involves general cleaning of the entire building, regular waxing, vacuum cleaning, garbage disposal, swimming pool cleaning and garden cleaning. 

Shuttle Bus

For residents’ greatest convenience, we design and propose suitable bus schedule and routes to save time and to avoid delay in transportation. Air-conditioning shuttle bus will be provided to ensure a comfortable and relaxing journey. For example, there is frequent round trip air-conditioning shuttle bus service for the exclusive use of the estate occupants between Shaukeiwan, Central, Stanley and the Redhill Peninsula.

Finance and Accounts

Our company is fully backed up by an advanced computerized accounting system which is specially designed to ensure efficient, cost-effective management at all times. They collect management fees from owners or tenants, prepare annual budgets and monthly financial statements, and make sure expenses are kept within agreed limits. They are also ready to help you plan ahead by budgeting for any future renovations or improvements that may be required. 

Staff Training

To keep staff abreast of latest property management developments and to meet company requirements, we provide relevant training courses and seminars catering for the needs from security staff to managerial level. With the assistance of the Independent Commission Against Corruption, the Hong Kong Police Force, Fire Services Department and other government departments, topics covered include corruption prevention, crime and fire prevention and precautions. Talks by experienced staff within the company also help staff well equipped with necessary technical know-how to perform efficiently.

Public Relations

To provide residents with a chance for communication, we regularly organize activities and funfairs such as Lion Dancing in the Chinese Lunar New Year and the Santa Clause Visit in Christmas. Similar promotion services are organized for commercial buildings. Furthermore, it is our pleasure to assist owners in forming Incorporated Owners to safeguard their interests to the greatest extent.

Residents' Club Management

A residents’ club without proper maintenance or service is more of a frustration than relaxation for users. Protech manage residents’ club in two of the most prestigious properties-the Redhill Peninsula in Tai Tam and the Tregunter in Mid-level. With us, you can really sit back and relax because we employ experienced staff to serve you and attend to all your needs. 

Besides, the air-conditioned and fully equipped club provides excellent space for residents to have their leisure. We also ensure that club facilities are properly maintained and adequately installed to meet your diverse interests so that your family and guests can really enjoy.  

There are a large variety of recreational facilities provided by the club house. For conference and communication purposes, several multi-purpose function rooms with full range of Visual Aids Equipment-film projector, overhead projector/screen, slide projector and video system are offered for business or private use. For relaxation and recreation, there are outdoor facilities such as 24-metre swimming pool and tennis courts, and indoor facilities such as squash courts to tournament standards, and sauna rooms. 

For dining and entertainment, we have bright, modern cafe for delicious cuisine and healthy snacks located inside the club house, a lounge with elegant continental design which creates a cozy, intimate setting for a lunchtime drink, a relaxing cocktail, or a late night liqueur. Besides, the reading room with comfortable chairs make it an ideal place for quiet relaxation after work, or browsing through books and magazines. On the other hand, the club house will also regularly organize recreational activities for the estate occupants to improve their relationship such as Lion Dancing in the Chinese Lunar New Year.